AZKR 2023


26 October 2023 The Workshop on Decentralized Credit Networks in Princeton, organised by Aniket Kate and Andrew Miller. Alex gave a talk on "Putting P2P Credit Back at the Center of Finance: A Practical Manifesto and a Look at the Future of Money". Cf Andrew's [tweet].

23 October 2023 Advances in Financial Technologies - AFT 2023 in Princeton. Alex gave two Lightning talks: " - a public service for encryption to the future" and "One-step consensus in weakly Byzantine environments".

6 October 2023 - Najmeh presented a Timelock poster at E-Vote-ID 2023 in Luxembourg. [tweet]

5 October 2023 web3privacy now in Rome. Vincenzo shared cool use-cases of Timelock and showed how Tim May's Time Release is turning into reality. tweet.

3 October 2023 Aragon ZK & Altcointurk Rust Cosmos SDK Meetup We organised a COSMOVERSE side-event together with Altcointurk. Kevin presented Gears, a COSMOS SDK written in Rust. Alex also did a talk about Timelock.

29 August 2023 zkWarsaw Day. Ahmad Afuni presented "Zero-knowledge proof-based onchain private voting".

5 July 2023 ETH Barcelona - Ahmad Afuni presented "Zero-knowledge proof-based onchain private voting".

27 June 2023 International Workshop on Timed-Release Encryption and its Applications in Oxford. Vincenzo gave a talk on "Timelock Cryptographic Services" while Artem was

7 June 2023 Gateway to COSMOS. Alex gave a talk on "Tlock: a public timelock cryptographic service" [youtube]

26 May 2023 5th Distributed Ledger Technology Workshop (DLT 2023) in Bologna. Alex presented his paper "Introduction to Consensus in Weakly Byzantine Asynchronous Environments" Presentation.

24 May 2023 - Collaborative Finance / Crypto Commons Gathering, Reichenau an der Rax, Austria. Alex gave a "Crash course on money and credit" [youtube].

April 2023 - we were present at zkSummit in Lisbon.

29 March 2023 - we presented our work at a Betahaus Berlin meetup.

February 2023 - FOSDEM Brussels

Other events

12 December 2023: Aragon and Aztec are mentioned in the The State of Private Voting in Ethereum report. The solution developed during the Nouns Private Voting Research Sprint was recognised as being the most feature-complete. Corresponding tweet.