Adding Vote Delegation to Anonymous E-Voting Schemes

Anonymous e-voting schemes are a promising tool in the current and future digital society. We propose a simple and elegant way to add delegation capabilities to such schemes.

Posted 2022-05-06 by Vincenzo Iovino ‐ 10 min read

The Bellare-Micali Oblivious Transfer

Oblivious transfer (OT) is a cryptographical primitive that is fundamental for secure multiparty computation. We give a brief introduction to the Bellare-Micali OT protocol, which is particularly simple and elegant.

Posted 2022-05-03 by Alex Kampa ‐ 4 min read

Lagrange bases in subgroups of $F_p^*$

Our first Maths Seminar note is about Lagrange bases in subgroups of $F_p^*$ which happen to have a simple and explicit formula. Numerous examples as well as detailed proofs of the main results are provied. We note that these particular Langrange bases have been used in the construction of the well-known PLONK zk scheme.

Posted 2022-05-02 by Alex Kampa ‐ 3 min read