A Rust implementation of DualRing's sum argument

Recently at Aragon we've been looking for ways to enable efficient, decentralised private voting. As part of that, we've been looking into the state of the art of private linkable membership proofs, as they're very suitable to act as the base of a private voting protocol. We implemented an interesting subsection of the state of the art in ring signatures, and this post explains why that's interesting!

Posted 2022-12-22 by Rebekah ‐ 3 min read

Decentralised Private Voting

Many private voting protocols rely on central servers, or partially or fully trusted third parties, either for availability or for privacy. This note discusses some ways to achieve decentralised, private, blockchain-based voting, without any trusted third parties.

Posted 2022-12-21 by Rebekah ‐ 3 min read

rwc2022 : Threshold ECDSA with additive key derivation and presignatures : an attack, and a solution

Additive key derivation is used widely throughout the cryptocurrency space, as defined in BIP32. Presignatures are used to reduce the round complexity of threshold ECDSA. Though both used very frequently, and often in combination, a security proof for the construction was missing until this point. Shoup and Groth find an attack on threshold ECDSA when using both AKD and presignatures, and present a solution.

Posted 2022-05-11 by Rebekah ‐ 6 min read