Our Mission

AZKR is a Swiss non-profit association whose purpose is to further the growth and development of decentralised governance technology, in particular by engaging in research in cryptography and blockchain and by developing open source software.

Our History

Aragon ZK Research started in January 2022 as the research arm of Aragon Association, a prominent web3 project focused on developing decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) software, enabling the creation and management of decentralised entities on blockchain technology. In February 2023, we became an autonomous entity named "AZKR Research Association", funded by a grant from Aragon Association with the purpose of helping develop the Aragon Project. Following the decision to dissolve Aragon Association, AZKR has started pivoting to a self-sustaining business model.

We have also received grants from Aztec Network, Nouns DAO and Ethereum Foundation.

Our team

Our group is composed of cryptographers, mathematicians and engineers. The core team is currently composed of:

  • Roger Baig
  • Vincenzo Iovino
  • Kevin Jones
  • Alex Kampa
  • Najmeh Soroush

We are helped by several external contributors.

Contact us

You can get in touch via contact at azkr dot org.